Monday, July 7, 2008

Armik - Barcelona


This new album by Armik from 2008 is more great flamenco music. My favorite song is "Casa Patas". Other songs here are "Barcelona", "Cordobes", "Toledo", "Sunset in Paradise", "A Day in Malga", "Laredo", "La Rambla", "Majestic Montserrat", "Piazza Di Spagna", and "La Gitana De Seville". I also like his Gypsy Flame, Rain Dancer, and Fuego Gitana: Nuevo Flamenco Collection albums.

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Anonymous said...

Hate to show my ignorance, but all this time I thought it was called flamingo. My 12 year old son just said he likes that style of guitar playing. I'll play the mp3 for him in the morning. Thanks.