Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Shakira - Oral Fixation Tour

Oral Fixation Tour

This is a great concert from 2006 by Shakira from Miami, Florida. The show is fun and full of energy. Shakira's dancing throughout the songs makes for a lively show. The crowd is also lively and really into the music. My favorite performances are "La Tortura", "Whenever, Wherever", and the grand finale "Hips Don't Lie". Other songs here are "Estoy Aquí", "Te Dejo Madrid", "Don't Bother", "Antología", "Hey You", "Inevitable", "Si Te Vas", "No", "La Pared", Underneath Your Clothes", "Pies Descalzos", "Ciega, Sordomuda", and "Ojos Así". A lot of extras are here. The bonus clips are "Obtener Un Sí", "La Pared", and the video "Las De La Intucion". It also comes with a CD and has the songs "Estoy Aqui", "Don't Bother", "Invetiable", "La Pared", and "Hips Don't Lie" on it. I also like her Laundry Service, Fijación Oral Vol. 1, Oral Fixation Vol. 2, and Sale el Sol albums. Also, her En Vivo Desde Paris concert.

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